Sensitive Sites

Within the Scarborough area are a number of 'sensitive sites' that will occasionally appear in the daily sightings updates. These sites area all private and access is either restricted or in the case of some not yet possible for the wider Public.
These sites are listed below with the relevant access details attached.


Some of the farmland at Flotmanby Carr has recently entered into a Higher Level Stewardship scheme as part of the Cayton and Flixton Carrs wetland project. A significant area has been allowed to flood in 2013 and during the autumn has been attracting locally significant numbers of passage waders. Hopefully this area will continue to attract good numbers of birds over the coming months. Unfortunately there are no public footpaths accessing this area, so most views have been from the road and therefore frustratingly distant.

At the end of August Tim Burkinshaw (Scarborough Borough Council) and I had a meeting with Mr Chapman at Manor Farm (situated on the A1039 between Folkton and Muston) in order to see if access could be arranged to view the flooded area from his land. We are very grateful that Mr Chapman has agreed that birders may access his land in order to view the flooded area.

Details of how to reach the viewing area can be found here

Please be aware that Mr Chapman is only expecting small numbers of birders to visit the farm and also that parking is very limited. Please ensure that you follow the access details otherwise permission access his land maybe withdrawn.

If anyone finds a rare or scarce species that is likely to generate greater interest, then please ensure that you inform the Scarborough Birders text service in the first instance so that we can liaise with Mr Chapman in order to make sure that he would be happy to receive larger numbers of birders and also to ensure that other logistical issues (parking etc) can be dealt with.


Potter Brompton Carr comprises an area of private farmland tenanted by Potter Brompton Farms Ltd. Potter Brompton Farms have signed up to a Higher Level Stewardship agreement primarily focused on wetland options and is part of the Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland Project. The agreement includes habitat management options designed to encourage breeding waders, in particular Lapwing, Curlew, Snipe and Redshank. In addition there are also options that help support Tree Sparrows, Reed and Corn Buntings and a variety of other farmland species of conservation concern.

As an area of private farmland with no public footpaths crossing the farm, there is no right of access for members of the public. At present the best areas of wetland habitat are not viewable from any existing public roads, tracks or public footpaths. I am the appointed ornithologist for Potter Brompton Farms and as a result have permission to access the farm, in order to undertake bird ringing activities and monitor the bird populations (including targeted Breeding Bird Surveys and Lapwing Productivity Monitoring).

I have permission to invite birders to visit the site on condition that guests are accompanied. In
practical terms this means that if any unusual species is discovered that is of wider interest then I will make the necessary arrangements and details will be publicised through the Scarborough Birders text service. This happened in 2012 when the three Temminck’s Stints arrived and access was arranged for several hours on the second morning of their stay. Occasional open days are organised by Potter Brompton Farms and these are publicised on their website at In addition if any birder is particularly keen to see the site they are welcome to contact me in order to see if a visit can be arranged.

In the longer term it may be possible for wider access to be allowed, however this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Therefore please respect the existing arrangements and do not attempt to visit the site unless invited to do so. Failure to do so will result in interesting sightings not being pub
licised and access will not be arranged in order to view any rarer arrivals.

Everyone with permission to access the area holds a Permit.


You can now view from the east side of the Wykeham South Lake from the new viewing area/screen for birders. To reach the viewpoint, turn down Garth End Road in West Ayton and drive right to the end (Darrell's Low Farm). Park near there and walk down the track to the south for 200m. Alternatively drive through the gate (close gate or leave open if already open) and park by the viewing area (room for 2 cars) or on the verge at both bends in the track (room for a further 4 cars). DO NOT BLOCK THE TRACK AS FARM VEHICLES OFTEN USE IT. NB. It has been confirmed with Scarborough Borough Council that the track is in fact a public unmade road.

Please be aware that this area remains sensitive and it is clearly important that we are able to maintain good relations with local land owners and tenants. THEREFORE IN THE EVENT OF FINDING A RARITY THAT IS LIKELY TO ATTRACT NUMBERS OF BIRDERS PLEASE CONTACT NICK ADDEY (07986889277) OR CHRIS BRADSHAW (07515145442). We can then ensure that the relevant land owners/tenants are informed and it will enable suitable local arrangements for visitors/parking to be made/communicated.

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