Monday, 14 October 2019

Monday 14th October

Lots of Pink-footed Geese on the move again: about 100 flew east over Peasholm this morning, about the same number flew west over Cayton Bay, 60 flew south over Marine Drive, and 50 flew north-west over Seamer Tip.  2 Shovelers were on Seamer Tip Pool; a male Stonechat was on the east side of the tip; a Little Egret and 19 Lapwings flew south over Seamer Mead; and 3 Chiffchaffs were seen on Meads Lane, Crossgates. A Little Gull in heavy moult was having a good bath at Johnson's Marsh before flying off north. 35 Turnstones were in the car park at the harbour this evening. Highlights from Long Nab today include 5 Ring Ouzels (2 of which flew north, high up), 7 Chiffchaffs and 3 Blackcaps. Heading south were 764 Pink-footed Geese (plus 35 north), 2 Purple Sandpipers, a Merlin, 2 Jays (very high up), 157 Skylarks, 17 Swallows, 5 House Martins, 332 Tree Sparrows, a Brambling and 2 Lapland Buntings. A Goshawk was spotted over Cloughton Woods.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Little Gull at Johnson's Marsh - Terry Hobson

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Sunday 13th October

A group of 25 Whooper Swans were in North Bay this morning, before flying off southwards. A Chiffchaff was in Eastfield, and a Yellow-browed Warbler was in a large tit flock at Seamer Road Mere, where there were also 9 Tufted Duck, a Goldeneye, a Coot and 2 Little Grebes. About 15 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen close in heading north, initially off Scarborough Harbour, then in North Bay, Jackson's Bay and then passing Long Nab. Highlights seen heading south past Long Nab included 30 Pink-footed Geese (plus 11 more at Field Farm), 2 Tufted Duck, 3 Little Gulls, 2 Common Terns and 2 Swallows. 2 Guillemots were seen off Marine Drive, and a Blackcap was still present in Wrench Green.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Curlew in Jackson's Bay - Rose Habberley

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Saturday 12th October

A skein of about 80 Pink-footed Geese were seen low over Hovingham Drive this morning. 50 more were seen over Scarborough football ground in the afternoon, and a total of 1526 were seen through the day passing Long Nab southwards (plus 70 heading north). Yet more were heard this evening heading south over Castle Road and Westwood Court, and 80+ were seen at about the same time over the Brunswick Centre heading inland. Other highlights from Long Nab include a Snow Bunting seen flying north, plus 7 Swallows, 2 House Martins, 441 Meadow Pipits, 209 Tree Sparrows, 433 Goldfinches and 25 Reed Buntings all heading south. 14 Rock Pipits were north of the observatory and a Goshawk flew over Cloughton Woods. At least 25 Grey Partridge were seen at Field Lane, Burniston, and a Lesser Whitethroat on Station Lane, Cloughton. In Jackson's Bay there were 4 Whooper Swans, 127 Oystercatchers, 18 Ringed Plover, a Grey Plover, 34 Turnstones, a Dunlin, 18 Redshank, 10 Curlew and 6 Rock Pipits. A juvenile Sandwich Tern was seen going south past Scalby Nab where there was also a male Stonechat; and at Scalby Mills there were 44 Wigeon and 2 Kingfishers. 77 Mallard and 18 Tufted Duck were in Peasholm Park.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Treecreeper - Paul Tozer

Friday, 11 October 2019

Friday 11th October

4 Whooper Swans went south past Long Nab early this morning. Other highlights passing by southwards included 80 Little Gulls (plus 3 going north), a Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Grey Plover, 8 Knot, 2 Arctic and 2 Common Terns, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Swallows and 3 House Martins. 3 Stonechats were by the observatory and a Treecreeper was at Crook Ness. A Chiffchaff was at Burton Riggs, and a Gadwall and a Little Owl were at Wykeham South Lake. A Yellow-browed Warbler was heard calling at the north end of Scar Wood.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Wren - Judi Kent Pyrah

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Thursday 10th October

7 Whooper Swans were seen this morning heading south, inland of Long Nab, and were shortly afterwards seen on the sea near the Sea Life Centre. At Wykeham South Lake there were 4 Pochard, 42 Coot, 2 Little Grebes and 23 Tufted Duck. A flock of 40+ Siskins were seen along the riverbank near Hackness. At Burton Riggs there were 72 Mallard, and at Seamer Tip Pool there were 18 Gadwall, 2 Shoveler, a Wigeon, a Mallard, and a Tufted Duck. 2 Stonechats were seen at Housedale in Dalby Forest round midday. Highlights from Long Nab included 4 Barnacle Geese, 3 Red Breasted Mergansers, 5 Swallows, 4 House Martins, 77 Tree Sparrows and 440 Linnets, all heading south. 14 Pink-footed Geese were seen high up, coming in off North Bay and heading west. A Red Kite went east over Crossgates, and a large raptor was seen flying from Irton Moor towards Wykeham South Lake.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Whooper Swans at Scalby Mills - Martin Dove

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Wednesday 9th October

A pair of Cranes flew south over Staxton this morning, and a Great White Egret flew south along the cliffs at Long Nab. Through the morning 754 Pink-footed Geese flew south past Long Nab, and 130+ were seen over Wrench Green. 6 House Martins were spotted in Crossgates, and a male Common Scoter was seen off South Cliff. Other highlights passing Long Nab southwards include: an Arctic Tern, a Merlin, 2 Ring Ouzels, a Sand Martin, 15 Swallows, 14 House Martins, 392 Meadow Pipits, 327 Linnets, 176 Tree Sparrows, 23 Reed Buntings, and a Snow Bunting. Additionally, a Kingfisher flew north over the fields, a Lesser Whitethroat was at Crook Ness, a Wheatear was north of the observatory, and a Yellow-browed Warbler was at the ringing plantation. A Snow Bunting was spotted at Ravenscar on the path down the cliff to the seal colony, and a Wheatear was near Stoupe Beck.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Pink-footed Geese heading south - Nick Addey

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Tuesday 8th October

A Woodcock was seen flying low over Heron Lane early this morning, and in Wrench Green there were 4 Willow Tits and 12+ Redwings. 2 Chiffchaffs were at Seamer Tip pool, about 40 Stockdoves, 4 Willow Tits and a Little Egret were on the east side of Seamer Tip, and a Chiffchaff was at Crab Lane in Crossgates. In Scarham Wood there were 5 Chiffchaffs, a Blackcap and a Yellow-browed Warbler. At Long Nab a Merlin flew south; at Crook Ness a Ring Ouzel flew in off the sea; and at Pipe Gully (south of Crook Ness) there was a Yellow-browed Warbler. 280+ Lapwings were seen at Sherburn, and 12 Teal and 4 Wigeon were at Potter Brompton Carr.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Peregrine - Stuart Baines

Monday, 7 October 2019

Monday 7th October

A Great Crested Grebe was seen in the harbour and later in South Bay this morning. Highlights from Long Nab through the day include 238 Little Gulls flying south and 7 north, a Brambling flying south, Yellow-browed Warblers at both Crook Ness and Top Plantation, and Ring Ouzels at both the ringing plantation and Cliff Top House. A Brambling was also seen at the top of Cornelian Ravine, a Dipper was on Scalby Beck, and a Kingfisher was behind the Open Air Theatre.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Gadwall - Melanie Pearl

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Sunday 6th October

At Long Nab this morning small numbers of Redwings were arriving in off the sea and small numbers of wildfowl were also moving, including a Brent Goose, 9 Shelduck and 2 Eider. A Yellow-browed Warbler, a Lesser Whitethroat, a Chiffchaff and 3 Goldcrests were on the south side of Castle Hill, and on the north side there were 6 more Goldcrests, 2 Chaffinches, 14 Robins, 2 Redwings, 32 Song Thrushes, 10 Blackbirds and a Redstart. A female Goosander and a Kingfisher were at the Open Air Theatre, and 2 Dippers were at Scalby Mills. A Red-throated Diver, 3 Common Scoter and an Arctic Skua were seen from Marine Drive. A Lesser Whitethroat and 3 Goldcrests were at Crook Ness this evening, and another 3 Goldcrests were by Cliff Top House.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Female Goosander - Stuart Baines

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Saturday 5th October

At Long Nab this morning were a Yellow-browed Warbler, a Redwing, a Brambling, and a blythi Lesser Whitethroat which was caught and ringed. In the afternoon blythi Lesser Whitethroats were present at Crook Ness and Cliff Top House, while 3 Stonechats were at Long Nab and 50+ Little Gulls flew by northwards. A Peregrine, 20 Reed Buntings and a Marsh Tit were at Seamer Tip, and 40 Skylarks were counted between Seamer Mead and the A64 bypass. A Red-throated Diver was in North Bay, a Yellow-browed Warbler was seen by the Castle walls, and a House Martin was at Crossgates.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Redwing - Rose Habberley

Friday, 4 October 2019

Friday 4th October

A Great Crested Grebe and a Red-throated Diver were seen off Marine Drive early this morning. At Wykeham South Lake there were 53 Coot, 15 Tufted Duck and 2 Great Crested Grebes. 80+ Little Gulls were feeding 1-2 miles off Long Nab, and 2 Merlins were hunting near Crook Ness. A Yellow-browed Warbler, a Blackcap and a Lesser Whitethroat (probably blythi) were present at the Long Nab ringing site, where 70 Starlings, a Brambling and 9 Redwings flew in off the sea. Other sightings from Long Nab included 514 Wigeon, 241 Teal, 9 Pintail, 2 Tufted Duck,3 Manx Shearwaters, 29 Dunlin, 169 Little Gulls, 11 Common Terns and an Arctic Tern, all flying north. A Yellow-browed Warbler was also in a garden above Cayton Bay, together with a Treecreeper.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Yellow-browed Warbler - Chris Bull

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Thursday 3rd October

A Red-throated Diver was first spotted in the harbour early this morning and was still present this evening. A Kingfisher was seen at the back of the Open Air Theatre, and a Yellow-browed Warbler was in trees behind the Cornelian pumping station through the morning. Song Thrushes and Blackbirds (up to 20 of each) were seen moving through the Seamer Tip pool area, while 5 Redwings and 2 Blackbirds were seen passing over the town and 2 Fieldfares were seen in Wrench Green this afternoon.

Red-throated Diver in the harbour - Kevin Groocock

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Wednesday 2nd October

Highlights from Long Nab this morning include a Merlin, 3 Arctic Skuas harrying Kittiwakes offshore, a Sooty Shearwater flying south, and 2 Red-breasted Mergansers and 13 Brent Geese flying north. 5 Chiffchaffs were on the south side of the castle headland, another was at Heron Lane, and another at Seamer Tip pool, where there were also 13 Gadwall, 3 Teal and 4 Wigeon. A Short-eared Owl was seen at South Bay.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Kingfisher at Scalby Mills - Rose Habberley

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Tuesday 1st October

Highlights from the seawatch at Long Nab this morning include 7 juvenile Long-tailed Skuas, a Long-tailed Duck, 27 Manx Shearwaters and 11 Arctic Skuas all heading north, and a Great Northern Diver going south. A Yellow-browed Warbler and 6 Chiffchaffs were at Holbeck car park, and a Wheatear and a Stonechat were seen on South Cliff. A Spotted Flycatcher, 4 Chiffchaffs and 6 Goldcrests were in Cornelian Ravine, and 9 Purple Sandpipers were roosting at the harbour this evening.

Full count from Long Nab here:

The Turtle Dove remaining in Burniston - Rose Habberley

Monday, 30 September 2019

Monday 30th September

A very vocal Yellow-browed Warbler was on King Street this morning, and another was heard on South Cliff, where there were also 7 Chiffchaffs, a Blackcap and a Stonechat. Other Chiffchaffs were at the motor cycle track near Seamer Tip, and at Taylor Way. 2 Corn Buntings flew south over Taylor Way, 8 Gadwall and 2 Marsh Tits were at Burton Riggs, and 60 Pink-footed Geese flew south over Curlew Drive. Another Yellow-browed Warbler was at the bottom end of Cornelian Ravine, where a Red-throated Diver was seen in the bay. Yet another Yellow-browed Warbler was at Crook Ness, along with a Lesser Whitethroat. At Long Nab this morning there were 5 Stonechats, a Willow Warbler and a Blackcap, plus increased numbers of Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs. 78 Pink-footed Geese and a Little Egret flew south, while passing by at sea were a Brent Goose, a drake Eider, 2 Manx Shearwaters, a Great Skua and an Arctic Skua.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Wigeon - Chris Bull

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sunday 29th September

Not much news in today: the Turtle Dove is still in Burniston, and at Cliff Top House near Long Nab there was a Spotted Flycatcher, a Redstart and a Willow Warbler.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Siskin - Judi Kent Pyrah

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Saturday 28th September

78 Teal and 3 Wigeon were present at Johnson's Marsh this morning. This afternoon both a male and a female Wheatear were seen on the Marine Drive rock armour opposite the skateboard park.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Female and male Wheatear - Stuart Baines

Friday, 27 September 2019

Friday 27th September

A Lapland Bunting was spotted in among a flock of Skylarks in the field behind the Long Nab observatory this morning. Another was seen in the afternoon, coming in off the sea from the south and continuing north-west. A Mute Swan was on the sea, and an unidentified Locustella species was seen briefly at the foot of Short Hedge, just north of the observatory. 3 Blackcaps, 8 Chiffchaffs, 6 Goldcrests and 6 Reed Buntings were seen on South Cliff, and a Grey Plover was in Jackson's Bay.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Grey Plover - Terry Hobson

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Thursday 26th September

The Red-crested Pochard and 7 Wigeon were at Seamer Tip Pool, 7 Gadwall were at Burton Riggs, and 65 Teal were at Johnson's Marsh. 3 Sandwich Terns were seen feeding in North Bay, while an Arctic Tern was feeding out from Crook Ness. A Willow Warbler and 150 Linnets were at Crook Ness, and a Lesser Whitethroat was spotted at Saltergate.

Turnstone - Rose Habberley

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wednesday 25th September

The Garganey was still at the jet ski area of Seamer Road Mere today, and the Red-crested Pochard was still at Seamer Tip Pool. A Grey Plover, a Bar-tailed Godwit and a Common Tern were seen in Jackson's Bay, and a Black Redstart was seen at the south end of Crook Ness beach. At Johnson's Marsh there were 17 Wigeon, 9 Teal and a Curlew. A Yellow-browed Warbler was spotted on the south side of the castle, while on South Cliff there was a Tree Pipit, a Redstart, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Chiffchaffs and 2 Marsh Tits. Highlights from the sea watch at Long Nab include 15 Red-throated Divers, 3 Arctic Skuas, a Great Skua, an Arctic Tern, 3 Knot, 2 Mediterranean Gulls, 65 Wigeon, 38 Common Gulls and a Yellow Wagtail all heading south, plus 42 Common Scoter heading north. 17 Skylarks were behind the observatory, 2 Stonechats were in the cover Scrape, and 6 Reed Buntings were in the hedgerow.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Juvenile male Garganey - Brett Richards

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Tuesday 24th September

The Red-crested Pochard was still on Seamer Tip Pool this morning, the Garganey was still at Seamer Road Mere, and the Turtle Dove was still in Burniston. There were 4 Willow Tits along the riverbank just upstream of Hackness. For over an hour this afternoon a Great Skua was feeding on the remains of a bird (possibly a Black-headed Gull) on the beach opposite Olympia Leisure, moving a just a short way off at times due to disturbance by people and dogs, but tolerating 3 observers standing about 6 yards away.

Redshank at Scalby Mills - Rose Habberley

Monday, 23 September 2019

Monday 23rd September

A Redstart and a Whinchat were seen in Ravenscar this morning, and an adult Mediterranean Gull was at Holbeck car park. A Buzzard was over Limestone Road, a Peregrine circled over Crossgates, and 40+ House Martins were feeding over Wrench Green. At Burton Riggs there was a Red-crested Pochard, 12 Wigeon, 7 Teal, 4 Gadwall and 2 Marsh Tits, while 3 Buzzards flew over southwards. 2 Teal, a Garganey, 21 Gadwall and a Tufted Duck were at Seamer Tip pool, and on Seamer Mead there were 30 Stock Doves and 4 Curlew. The eclipse Garganey was still at Seamer Road Mere, along with 2 Teal, on the jet ski pool. Also at the Mere was a second calendar year Mediterranean Gull. A Barred Warbler was found on the castle headland behind the skate park. A Turtle Dove still remains in Burniston.

Barred Warbler - John Harwood

Great Skua - John Harwood

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sunday 22nd September

The Red-crested Pochard was still at Seamer Tip Pool today, and the Garganey remains at Seamer Road Mere. 4 Gadwall and 2 Chiffchaffs were at Burton Riggs and a Whitethroat was at the motorcycle track near Seamer Tip, while 20 Lapwings flew south over Seamer Carr. A Whinchat was seen on South Cliff, and 15 Teal and a Kingfisher were in Cornelian Bay. A Black Redstart was on the rocks at the harbour.

Red-crested Pochard at Seamer Tip Pool

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Saturday 21st September

Not much news in today: 2 Purple Sandpipers were at the harbour this morning and 2 Bar-tailed Godwits were in Jackson's Bay. A Chiffchaff was in Royal Albert Park, and 40 Greylag Geese flew east over Crossgates.

Bar-tailed Godwits in Jackson's Bay - Chris Bell

Friday, 20 September 2019

Friday 20th September

A Dunlin was at Johnson's Marsh early this morning, and a Turtle Dove was still in Burniston. The Red-crested Pochard remains at Seamer Tip Pool, where there are also 10 Gadwall. By New Dike, Seamer Tip there was a Blackcap, a Lesser Whitethroat, a Reed Warbler and a Willow Tit. 60 Tree Sparrows were in the bean field by Metes Lane, over which a Great Egret flew southwards. Highlights from Long Nab include a Great Northern Diver, 5 Fulmar and 2,500 Auks heading north; a Pomarine Skua, 14 Arctic Terns, 4 Sandwich Terns, 7 Red-throated Divers, a Mediterranean Gull, 4 Knot, and 2 Alba Wagtails heading south.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Sandwich Terns at Scalby Mills yesterday - Chris Bell

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Thursday 19th September

A Garganey was seen feeding with a single Teal at the south end of Seamer Road Mere today. Also at the mere were 70 Mute Swans, a Little Grebe, 52 Moorhens, a Coot, 27 Mallard, and a Kingfisher, while at Wykeham South Lake there were 2 Egyptian Geese, a Gadwall, 3 Great Crested Grebes and 22 Coot. 4 Sandwich Terns and 5 Ringed Plover were at Scalby Mills, and an adult Little Gull was feeding in North Bay.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Juvenile Little Grebe - Rose Habberley

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Wednesday 18th September

A day of Bottlenose Dolphins - beginning with a single individual seen off Marine Drive, followed by many sightings of several groups of 8 to 14+ individuals, mostly moving north. The Red-crested Pochard remains at Seamer Tip Pool, where there was also a Great Spotted Woodpecker, and a Blackcap was spotted at Burton Riggs. A juvenile Long-tailed Skua, 4 Sooty Shearwaters and a Balearic Shearwater flew north past Long Nab, and a Great Northern Diver flew south. Other highlights from Long Nab include 16 Pale-bellied Brent Geese, a Pintail, 90 Red-throated Divers (75 of them going south), a Mediterranean Gull, 17 Arctic Skuas and 24 Bottlenose Dolphins. A single Pink-footed Goose was at Harwood Dale Lake this evening.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Chiffchaff - Thomas Jolliffe

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Tuesday 17th September

60 Pink-footed Geese were seen flying south over Crossgates early this afternoon. The main highlights fro Long Nab were 4 Bottlenose Dolphins passing by southwards, and a Long-tailed Skua which spent about 5 minutes in front of the observation hut and even settled on the sea for a while.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Snipe - Chris Bull

Monday, 16 September 2019

Monday 16th September

A Red-crested Pochard and a Snipe were seen on Seamer Tip Pool this morning, and a Bar-tailed Godwit was in Cayton Bay this afternoon. Also this afternoon a juvenile Marsh Harrier flew south over the sea past Long Nab, about 1km out. A Minke Whale was seen from Long Nab on two occasions in the early evening, initially 3-4 miles out, and later about 2.5 miles out. Also passing Long Nab were 5 Sooty Shearwaters heading north, and a Whimbrel and a Greenshank heading south. 2 Bottlenose Dolphins were spotted heading north off Marine Drive.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Red-crested Pochard - Chris Bull

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday 15th September

A Kingfisher was seen on the Taylor Way pool this morning. A Little Egret and a Wigeon were on Seamer Tip Pool, while 10 Curlew and another Little Egret were on Seamer Mead/Starr Carr. 2 Spotted Flycatchers were in Falsgrave Park.

Grey Wagtail - Ian Mennell

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Saturday 14th September

Highlights passing Long Nab this morning included: a Sooty Shearwater, 2 Manx Shearwaters, 2 Dark-bellied Brent Geese and 2 Greenshank heading north; 2 Arctic Skuas, 12 Red-throated Divers, a Mediterranean Gull, a Whimbrel and 4 Shelduck heading south. 3 Whinchats were present nearby. This afternoon a Ruff and a Red Kite were both seen flying south over Crossgates, and a Kingfisher was behind the Open Air Theatre. Approximately 10 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen in Gristhorpe Bay, swimming swiftly north, and were then spotted again in Cayton Bay.

Full count from Long Nab here:

Bar-tailed Godwit - Steve Race