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  1. Hello all, my name is Tim Ward, local birder in the York area. I'm currently putting together a 'magazine' style website on Yorkshire's Wildlife and in the process of writing several articles before I launch the site. I was thinking of covering the recent influx of Hawfinches, most likely will cover Waxwings and poss Med Gull as a breeding success story. Basically I'm looking for images I can use and wondering which of you guys to contact with permission to use or otherwise. Any pics I use I always credit the photographer and happy to link their sites / blogs. Your blog will go on the site anyway as a yorkshire birding blog.
    Any other ideas from your area that might be of interest in terms of site I'd be happy to consider also - Wykeham raptors for example? Anyway, be good to hear back from you.
    Just a little more about me, apart from this new venture,I already write my own blog 'bagginsontheloose' if you want to check me out and I also do a couple of days a week working for YWT.

  2. Hello I am trying to find out which area of scarboro is cross nees in ,thanks