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  2. 11.45 approx. Saw peregrine carrying gull chick pursued by herring gull. Falcon flew southwest just east of where Hollbeck Hall Hotel used to be

  3. Just looking at the report from the 12th June at Wykeham. Has the Black Kite been re-identified as a Red? Thanks.

  4. 2nd July at approx 4:30pm. Saw 2 owls in the stand of trees/woodland on Scarborough Esplanade directly opposite the Crown Spa Hotel. They were hissing a bit at a blackbird who was making alarm calls due to the owls’ presence. Both owls were perched together in the V of a tree trunk and branches. They flew off - one had a dead rat in its talons.
    Not sure if these owls are regulars/known to you. I didn’t manage a photo or positive ident. Def not barn owls. I initially thought tawny owls, but Given they were hunting in the day did wonder about short eared owls. Having said that it was quite dark under the tree canopy.