Wednesday 28 February 2018

Monday 26th February 2018

In Osgodby 4 Waxwings were seen very briefly in a tree by The Poacher’s Barn before heading off to the south; at Holbeck Car Park there were 13 Mediterranean Gulls (2x1st winter, 3x2nd winter and 8 adults); on Seamer Road Mere 6 pairs of Goosanders and in Peasholm Park a 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull.

In Thornton-le-Dale Hawfinches were seen in the churchyard where there were 4 and in the private garden a ♂ and ♀ were reported.

Sunday 25th February 2018

At Long Nab today 60+ Guillemots, a Razorbill and 6 Red-throated Divers were present offshore and a drake Eider flew south and down the coast at Scalby Mills late afternoon the gulls included an adult Lesser Black-backed, a 2nd winter Mediterranean and c50 Common and 5 Red-throated Divers flew north offshore. Further south in Cornelian Bay there were 3 Red-throated Divers and a Common Scoter; in Peasholm Park a Redshank and a 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull and at the Open Air Theatre another Redshank.

At Hilla Green a Willow Tit, a Kingfisher, a Tawny Owl, a Goshawk, 4+ Common Buzzards and a Goldcrest and at Haygate in Dalby Forest 10 Bramblings, 2 Lesser Redpolls and 20 Siskins in the Larches near to the car park.

Finally today after a while with no reports the male Ring Ouzel was seen again in Brompton-by-Sawdon but this time it was in the sheep field by West End Farm 250 meters west of the church and in the churchyard there were 5 Hawfinches.

Lesser Black-backed Gull - Scalby Mills - Nick Addey
Nice comparison between adult Mediterranean Gull (left) and adult Black-headed Gull - Holbeck Car Park - Chris Bell

Saturday 24th February 2018

This morning on Wykeham South Lake 5 Oystercatchers, an Egyptian Goose, 9 Great Crested Grebes, 2 Goldeneye and a Barn Owl and at Potter Brompton Carr 2 Tundra Bean Geese, 2 Pink-footed Geese, 150+ Wigeon, 6 Shoveler, 2 Gadwall, a Shelduck, 120+ Lapwing, 10 Golden Plover and a Redshank.

A pair of Gadwall were on Seamer Tip pool, a Great Crested Grebe was on the lower end of Burton Riggs and a pair of Grey Partridge plus a couple of Linnets were on the Seamer landfill.

10 Ringed Plovers were at Scalby Mills. at Long Nab 6 Common Scoters and a Shelduck went past and at Holbeck Car Park there were 8 Mediterranean Gulls (7 adults and a 1st winter).

Up to 5 Hawfinches were in Brompton-by-Sawdon churchyard and 3 were in Thornton-le-Dale churchyard. At Wilton Heights the mixed finch flock was about 400 strong and included at least 200 Bramblings and over Dalby Forest there were a pair of Goshawks, a Sparrowhawk and 7 Common Buzzards.

male Goosander - The Mere - Mark Hepples

Friday 23rd February 2018

Graham Sigsworth had a single Hawfinch in his garden in Thornton-le-Dale again today. East of Wykeham South Lake a small group of 15 Tree Sparrows and 1000+ Starlings and the 2 Little Owls were still at Hutton Buscel where there was also a female Blackcap.

A Green Woodpecker was near Stony Wood, High Langdale End this morning and along the River Derwent in Langdale 4 Lesser Redpolls  and c40 Siskins.

Some late news concerns a group of 7 Waxwings seen in a garden on the Sea View estate today, news received on 8th March.

Thursday 22nd February 2018

The only news today came from Wykeham South Lake where the Great White Egret appeared again and was showing well, also there today were 11 Great Crested Grebes, 4 Goldeneye and a Barn Owl.

Barn Owl - Wykeham South Lake - Terry Hobson
Great White Egret and Grey Heron - Wykeham South Lake - Terry Hobson

Wednesday 21st February 2018

A Barn Owl was on a fence post on the Morrison’s roundabout at 04.20 this morning and the observer was aware that they do not open 24 hours!!!!!

Single Hawfinches were noted on Dog Kennel Lane and in the usual private garden in Thornton-le-Dale, nearby still good numbers of Bramblings with the Chaffinches at Nabgate and at Ellerburn there were 6 Buzzards, a Peregrine and c60 Siskin.

Finally today up to 300 Fieldfares were in fields above Sawdon.

Tuesday 20th February 2018

In Wykeham Forest this morning a female Crossbill and a distant flock was only heard calling. The Hawfinches were still in Brompton-by-Sawdon where two were seen in the churchyard and another 4-6 were heard calling from a nearby Yew tree and then this afternoon along Troutsdale birds of prey included 5-6 Common Buzzards, 2 Sparrowhawks and 3 or 4 Goshawks, the latter were seen well.

Monday 19th February 2018

The Lapland Bunting was still present today in the stubble field to the north of the Obs at Long Nab and on Potter Brompton Carr this morning were 5 Shovelers, 125 Teal, 150+ Wigeon, a Barnacle Goose, a Shelduck, 5 Snipe and a Woodcock.

At Wykeham South Lake today we had 61 Wigeon, 18 Teal, 6 Goldeneye and 14 Great Crested Grebes; at Folkton Water Treatment Works the Willow Tit was still associating with the roving tit flock and on Seamer Road Mere 13 Goosanders and a 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull.

Late afternoon in fields near North Stile Farm between Wrench Green and Forge Valley 10 Grey Herons in the heronry, a Merlin, a Snipe, a ♂ Mandarin Duck, a pair of Teal, 2 Marsh Tits, 2 Redpolls and c40 Siskins.

Sunday 18th February 2018

The overwintering Whimbrel was seen again at Long Nab today where 8 skeins of Pink-footed Geese flew north totalling 360 individuals, a Lapland Bunting was found in the coastal stubble field to the north of the Obs and behind the Obs a flock of 12 Rock Pipits included at least two of the littoralis Scandinavian subspecies. At Scalby Mills the Wigeon count today was 558, waders included 2 Dunlin, 12 Purple Sandpipers and 8 Ringed Plovers and the ringed adult Mediterranean Gull (3LAN).

At Wykeham South Lake there were 3 Shelduck, 4 Goldeneye, 15 Great Crested Grebes plus Brambling and Linnet; a 2cy Mediterranean Gull was in Peasholm Park; a Little Owl was at Hutton Buscel and there were 3 Stonechats on Cayton Carr.

Waxwings - Newby Bridge - Andy Brown
Lapland Bunting - Long Nab - Nick Addey

Wykeham Raptor View Point

Please note the following information concerning the current situation at the Wykeham Raptor View Point, my thanks to Nick Addey and John Harwood for permission to repeat their posts and photographs here.

Although birders have been able to access the footpath to the viewpoint on most days recently please note that current work may restrict access on some days in February.
Park 100m to the west in the next pull in.

Hi all, the forestry commission are currently carrying out major improvement works to the car park and viewpoint and also thinning works to adjacent dense forest compartments. The commission along with Brian Walker and fellow volunteers have done a great job in felling and clearing the viewpoint from unwanted scrub and trees, see attached pics. The car park will also be much larger (when the logs are cleared). The works are due to finish at the end of February. Unfortunately the commissions budget will not cover the requested 2 extra seats and a new notice/interpretation board which would really enhance this site and make it even more attractive to the area, especially for birders. The extra seats and notice board will cost about £1K which I am sure we could raise with a little help from those who like to visit. If anyone, society, group etc who enjoys this area and is able to donate , it would be gratefully appreciated. Nick Carter and myself have started the ball rolling with a combined £50 donation to start the ball rolling. If you are able to help in any way please could you use Scarborough Birders Acc No 43926468 sort code 09-01-27 for faster payment/bank transfer or alternatively contact or direct message Nick Addey if you wish to donate by other means, cheque etc.
Many Thanks - Honey Buzzards will be back soon !!

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Saturday 17th February 2018

At Nabgate near Thornton-le-Dale a large count of c250 Brambling, nearby 2 Hawfinches were in the usual private garden and a ♂ Goshawk flew over Ellerburn.

The best find of the day was a Red-necked Grebe that was briefly in Cornelian Bay before flying off to the south at 11.10 and also in that area were 4 Red-throated Divers, 2 Common Scoter and 4 Grey Plovers.

8 Dunlin were seen on Folkton Carr and at Scalby Mills there were 168 Wigeon.

Male Goosander - The Mere - Joe Bamfield

Monday 19 February 2018

Friday 16th February 2018

At Seamer Tip pool today the wildfowl included 11 Pink-footed Geese, 2♀ Shoveler, 2 Shelduck and 2♂1♀ Gadwall; at Harwood Dale Lake 2 Shelduck and 10 Wigeon and at Seamer Road Mere 19 Goosander and a ♂ Pochard.

At Thornton-le-Dale there was a Little Egret on the beck about 100 metres downstream of the duck pond and 4 Hawfinches were in the usual private garden; at Wilton Heights there was a Goshawk, a Crossbill and 50+ Bramblings and at Brompton-by-Sawdon there were 12+ Hawfinches around the churchyard first thing this morning.

Despite the problems with access at Wykeham Raptor View Point a total of 8+ Goshawks were seen today; to the east of Causeway Lake there were a flock of c50 Chaffinches in a crop field and finally at North Moor there were 3 Goshawks and 14 Crossbills.

Hawfinch - Thornton-le-Dale - Graham Sigsworth

Thursday 15th February 2018

At Potter Brompton Carr today 2 Shelduck, 2 Pink-footed Geese, 3 Shovelers, 155 Wigeon and 29 Lapwings and at Seamer Tip pool a Barnacle Goose, 11 Pink-footed Geese and a large flock of Fieldfares.

Elsewhere the 2 Little Owls were showing in Hutton Buscel this morning; in fields southwest of Yeddingham an adult and a juvenile Whooper Swan were with 43 Mute Swans; 3 Common Buzzards were displaying over Raincliff Woods; 8 Mediterranean Gulls were at Holbeck car park this morning and at Scalby Mills there were 13 Ringed Plovers and a Dunlin.

1st winter Mediterranean Gull - Holbeck - Andy Hood
2nd winter Mediterranean Gull - Holbeck - Andy Hood

Saturday 17 February 2018

Wednesday 14th February 2018

The only news received today was from Brompton-by-Sawdon where 5 Hawfinches were seen in the churchyard at 08.30 this morning.

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Not a lot of news today but what there was included 3 Goldcrests in Peasholm Glenn near the boating pond and on The Mere there were 18 Goosanders.

In Thornton-le-Dale there was a Little Egret at the sewage works and a Hawfinch visited the usual private garden. Finally on the Carrs to the north of Sherburn we had 4 White-fronted Geese.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Monday 12th February 2018

The Iceland Gull was seen again near Seamer Tip, this time briefly in flight from the bridge on Seamer Carr Road looking southwest. Observation period this morning was about an hour and the bird was seen for about 10 seconds at about 08.40, clearly this is not an easy bird to either see or even locate. Also in the Seamer Tip area we had 10 Pink-footed Geese, a Barnacle Goose and 2 Grey Partridges.

At Scalby Mills there were 10 Ringed Plover, a Mediterranean Gull and offshore 2 Common Scoter went south, in South Bay today there was no sign of the Velvet Scoter but a Common Scoter was seen off The Spa.

At Brompton-by-Sawdon still 6 Hawfinches present around the churchyard but no news today on the Ring Ouzel and at Wykeham Raptor View Point at least 8 Goshawks were observed displaying and there was also a female Merlin reported today.

1st winter Sparrowhawk - John Hume

Sunday 11th February 2018

The overwintering Whimbrel left its roost in Burniston Bay at 07.43 when it flew off to the northwest, further south on the coast in South Bay the Velvet Scoter remained until 13.00 when it flew south towards Cornelian Bay and there were also a Mute Swan, a Razorbill and 2 Common Scoter in the bay.

Despite minor access problems at the moment at Wykeham Raptor Viewpoint there were a Goshawk, 8 Common Buzzards and a Kestrel and in Langdale Forest 6 Goshawks including observation of display flight, a Common Buzzard, 2 Woodcock and between 1 and 5 Common Crossbills at every stop.

In the Seamer area a 2cy Iceland Gull was seen at the Seamer Carr Recycling Plant in and around the buildings with 600+ Herring Gulls, presumably this is the same bird seen on the 28th January to the south of Seamer Tip pool. Also around this area were a Woodcock and a Willow Tit on Seamer Tip; 2 Shoveler, 5 Gadwall and a Shelduck on Seamer Tip pool: 7 Pink-footed Geese at Grove Farm on Cayton Carr and at about 15.00 12 Pink-footed Geese went low to the east.

At Wykeham South Lake today we had 10 Great Crested Grebes, a Goldeneye and a pair of Oystercatchers and finally today a Little Egret was seen on Ellerburn Beck.

Little Owl - Hutton Buscel - Stuart Baines
Marsh Tit - Forge Valley - Chris Bell
Iceland Gull - Seamer Tip - Nick Addey

Saturday 10th February 2018

At Long Nab today 8 Red-throated Divers were feeding offshore and 2 flew north; Johnson’s Marsh had 41 Teal and 6 Wigeon; at Scalby Mills there were 2 Razorbills and in South Bay the Velvet Scoter was present for another day.

A little further out of town there was a Dunlin on Folkton Carr and a Red Kite flew over Stepney Hill in a westerly direction at 13.15.

Velvet Scoter - South Bay - Steve Race

Friday 9th February 2018

Hawfinches were still in evidence today with 6 in a garden in Thornton-le-Dale and 9 at the churchyard in Brompton-by-Sawdon where the Ring Ouzel was showing again after a day of no news.

Around town today there were 4 singing Song Thrushes early this morning in Peasholm Park, on The Mere there were 6♂ and 6♀ Goosanders and in South Bay the Velvet Scoter remained for another day plus 2 Great Crested Grebes and 2 Common Scoter.

Velvet Scoter - South Bay - John Harwood

Thursday 8th February 2018

The Velvet Scoter was present for another day in South Bay where there were also 2 Great Crested Grebes and a Red-throated Diver; on the rocks south of The Spa 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls; a Kingfisher was in the Harbour; 12 Redwings by The Spa bridge and a pair of Goosander were on Throxenby Mere.

Out of town today the Hawfinches were still at Brompton-by-Sawdon today but there were no reports of the Ring Ouzel today, 2 Hawfinches were seen in Thornton-le-Dale and in the horse field at the western end of Ayton there were 12 Redwings and 26 Fieldfares.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

The Hawfinches at Brompton-by-Sawdon were doing some strange things today during the morning they were frequenting the trees in the southwestern corner of the school grounds and in the afternoon they were feeding in the yew on the southwest corner of the churchyard and were seen briefly on the ground in the field often frequented by the Ring Ouzel which was also still present today.

The ♂ Velvet Scoter remained in South Bay for the day but it stayed fairly well out and avoided the photographers waiting for some close shots, a 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull and a Razorbill were also in South Bay and a Kingfisher was frequenting the Harbour.

A count of the waterfowl on Scampston Lake today produced 107 Greylag Geese, 102 Canada Geese, 19 Gadwall, 85 Teal, 20 Mallard, a Little Grebe, 3 Mute Swans, a Coot and 5 Moorhen.

2♀ Goosander were on Burton Riggs and on The Mere we had 4♂ and 2♀; 3 Gadwall on Seamer Tip pool; 2 adult Mediterranean Gulls were at Scalby Mills late afternoon; 2 Whooper Swans (an adult and a juvenile) were with 54 Mute Swans southwest of Yedingham where there was also a Barn Owl; 7 Crossbills in the Maw Rigg area of Langdale Forest; a Chiffchaff with the tit flock in the hedge east of Folkton Sewage Works and at least one Little Owl was in Hutton Buscel.

Little Owl - Hutton Buscel - Chris Bull
Hawfinch - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Tony Clarke
Ring Ouzel - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Tony Clarke

Tuesday 6th February 2018

A male Stonechat was on Marine Drive by post 32 and in South Bay a nice new discovery was a ♂ Velvet Scoter.

At Wykeham South Lake today there were 3 Shelduck, 3 Gadwall, 4 Shoveler, 105 Wigeon, 3 Teal, a Pochard, 20 Tufted Ducks, 5 Goldeneye and 13 Great Crested Grebes, nearby on Ings Road there was a mixed flock of 200 Fieldfares and 110 Redwings, on Hertford Dale 7 Golden Plovers and 80 Fieldfares, on Garth End Road there were 2 Little Owls showing rather distantly and another Little Owl was seen in the vicinity of Wykeham Village.

At Brompton-by-Sawdon the Ring Ouzel was still favouring the grass field opposite the church entrance and 8 Hawfinches came into the trees behind the church, but only briefly. One of the Little Owls at Hutton Buscel was seen today but was sitting tight in a thick part of the hedge.

Velvet Scoter - South Bay - Pauline Dent

Rock Pipit - The Harbour - Pauline Dent

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018

At Long Nab today there were 11 Red-throated Divers and 35 Guillemots offshore; 2 Shelduck, 5 Common Scoter and a Goldeneye all flew north and on land c20 Rock Pipits including 2 of the Fennoscandian subspecies littoralis with their whiter supercilium and a Stonechat.

On Potter Brompton Carr 160+ Wigeon, 5 Shoveler, 2 Shelduck, 120 Lapwings, a Barn Owl, 10 Brambling and 60+ Chaffinches; at Wykeham South Lake a ♂ Pintail, 130 Wigeon, 6 Shoveler, 5 Gadwall, 9 Goldeneye and 9 Great Crested Grebes and west of here c50 Siskins were reported along Long Causeway.

At Brompton-by-Sawdon the Ring Ouzel was still around as were 14 Hawfinches in the usual trees behind the church.

Elsewhere we had c60 Common Crossbills, 30 Coal Tits, 4 Marsh Tits and 15 Siskins in Broxa Forest; a Little Egret on Cayton Carr; a Chiffchaff and a Willow Tit at the Folkton Water Treatment plant; 3 Common Scoter in Cayton Bay at dusk; Barn Owl at Hutton Buscel; 4♂ 3♀ Goosanders on The Mere; 11 Mediterranean Gulls (a 1st winter, a 2nd winter and 9 adults) at Holbeck and the ♂ Teal was still on the Valley Road pond.

Finally from the coastal strip we had a pair of Stonechats and 23 Linnets at Cromer Point; off Scalby Nab 3 (2♂) Common Scoter flew north; 72 Purple Sandpipers and 56 Turnstones roosting around the Harbour this morning at high tide and this evening 850 Starlings roosted in Old Town from 16.15 onwards.

Hawfinch - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Steve Race

Ring Ouzel - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Steve Race

Sunday 4th February 2018

The by now customary culprits were still at Brompton-by-Sawdon but the Ring Ouzel was proving difficult for some and the Hawfinches of which there were 7+ were appearing rather infrequently.

In Langdale Forest today we had a Goshawk, 2 Stonechats at May Moss and 31 Common Crossbills but not even a sniff of a Great Grey Shrike yet this winter; Potter Brompton Carr had c1100 Lapwings, 140+ Wigeon, 2 Shoveler and a Shelduck and at Hackness Lake there were 7+ Mandarin Ducks.

Seamer Tip pool had a Shelduck and 6 Gadwall; Burton Riggs 2 Pink-footed Geese and 2 Oystercatchers; Scalby Mills 460 Wigeon and there was a Blackcap in Falsgrave Park.

Hawfinches in flight - Brompton-by-Sawdon - John Harwood

Saturday 3rd February 2018

At Brompton-by-Sawdon today the Ring Ouzel was still present and 15+ Hawfinches were around the churchyard and in Thornton-le-Dale there were Hawfinches in Graham’s garden and 2 around the churchyard.

At Ellerburn today a Goshawk and 7 Little Grebes on Papermill Lake and at Wykeham Raptor View Point a juvenile Goshawk showed well.

There were 2 Little Egrets west of the A64 across Seamer Carr, a Barnacle Goose was at Burton Riggs and in Cornelian Bay 11 Red-throated Divers, a Great Crested Grebe, a Common Scoter, 5 Ringed Plover and a Grey Plover.

Barnacle Goose - Burton Riggs - Iain Leadley

Friday 2nd February 2018

At Long Nab today 3 Great Northern Divers flew north, one at 08.32, the second at 08.47 and finally one at 09.24. In Hutton Bucel 2 Little Owls were showing quite well around 12.30 opposite the Manorial Pinfold and a little further down the road in Brompton-by-Sawdon the ♂ Ring Ouzel remained for another day and the Hawfinch flock had increased to 19 individuals, also today Graham Sigsworth reports 7 Hawfinches around the churchyard at Thornton-le-Dale, 2 along Dog Kennel Lane and then 4 in his garden.

An adult Kittiwake was off the Toll House, Marine Drive plus a Red-throated Diver (+1 N) and 3 Guillemots (+5 N) also around town this evening 69 Purple Sandpipers roosting on the East Pier, c650 Black-headed Gulls in South Bay and c900 Starlings in Old Town.

Little Owl - Hutton Buscel - Terry Hobson

Little Grebe - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Chris Bell

Thursday 1st February 2018

2 Common Scoter were in South Bay this evening; at Thornton-le-Dale a Peregrine flew over the churchyard this afternoon and there were still Hawfinches showing in and around the churchyard and at Brompton-by-Sawdon the Ring Ouzel stayed another day and 10 Hawfinches were seen in the usual trees behind the church.

Greenfinch - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Terry Hobson

Hawfinch - Brompton-by-Sawdon - Terry Hobson

Hawfinch - Thornton-le-Dale - Terry Hobson

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Despite the lack of news yesterday from Brompton-by-Sawdon the ♂ Ring Ouzel was still present and the Hawfinch group has now increased to 15 individuals, nearby in Hutton Buscel 2 Little Owls showed well in a hedge opposite the Manorial Pinfold and the Dipper was still showing well at Hilla Green

Around town today we had a Great Crested Grebe in South Bay; 2 Mediterranean Gulls at Holbeck Car Park (an adult and a 1st winter); 7 Goosander (3♂, 4♀) on Seamer Road Mere and on Johnson’s Marsh there were 11 Grey Herons, 43 Wigeon, 17 Teal and 2 Mute Swans.

Dipper - Hilla Green - John Hume

Tuesday 30th January 2018

At Cromer Point today a flock of 90 Linnets and a Common Snipe. A little further south the count from the Jackson’s Bay wader roost today included 65 Redshank, 16 Ringed Plover, a Sanderling, 2 Dunlin, 6 Turnstones and 3 Purple Sandpipers while offshore were 7 Red-throated Divers and 4 Guillemots and on the clifftop a ♂Stonechat. Then at Scalby Mills just 176 Wigeon today but no information on the gulls or waders. Around the Harbour we had 33 Purple Sandpipers and 63 Turnstones and in South Bay a Great Crested Grebe.

Away from town the only reports today were a singing Dipper at Wrench Green and 5+ Hawfinches around the churchyard at Thornton-le-Dale.