Group Information/Activities

Group Information
Scarborough Birders is a group of people interested in the birds of the Scarborough area, and provides a network and a voice for local birdwatchers.

The group collects all records of bird sightings in a defined recording area, and these are collated by group members. Records are ultimately submitted to the Yorkshire Naturalist’s Union to form part of the Yorkshire Bird Report.

Scarborough Birders participates in survey work and projects on the birds and habitat improvement of the local area, with the aim of promoting conservation and assisting conservation bodies in their work. Membership of Scarborough Birders is open to anyone with an interest in the birds of the Scarborough area.

We have several conservation projects, including wetland habitat management, Willow Tit and Tree Sparrow nest box initiatives. The group has assigned officers which will can be reviewed at AGMs. Current officers:- Nick Addey - Chair Keith Wimbush - Secretary Chris Bell - Treasurer A bank account under the name of Scarborough Birders is held with Santander Plc.

Regular migration watches take place at Long Nab bird observatory. Contact the Chairman if you are interested in joining in. Places can be limited in the observatory at times but often birders are stood outside watching land based migration.


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  2. Sat on the putting green near the Italian gardens Scarborough yesterday about 12.30 saw a very large bird of prey flying towards us it was being harassed by a crow the a seagull both of which looked small at the side of it .would love to know what it was

  3. A walk through the Open Air Theatre area last evening was made even more enjoyable by the sight of a Kingfisher sat perched on a railing. Dave Stroud.