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Binnington Carr SE993800

Black Rock (South Bay) TA051868 

Booted Plantation (Marine Drive) TA051893

Brompton ponds SE943820                                

Burton Riggs TA030830

Castle Hill (south side) TA049890

Castle Hill (north side) TA048892                                                     

Cayton Bay TA069844                                                         

Cayton Carrs (pull in) TA056809

Cliff Top House (Long Nab) TA024937

Cockmoor Hall SE911865

Cornelian Bay TA060860

Cromer Point pond TA027925

Crook Ness TA026935

Cloughton Wyke TA019952

Derwent Head SE887973

Eller Beck SE860985

Flixton Bridge TA039811

Flotmanby Carr TA074802

Flower of May pond TA082832

Folkton Sewage Works TA057805

Gristhorpe Bay TA086839

Hackness Lake SE968901

Harbour (East Pier) TA049885

Harwood Dale Lake SE956954

Haybridge Farm scrapes SE975793

Hilla Green bridge SE948901

Highwood Brow viewpoint SE942889

Holbeck car park TA049868

Hood Lane (Cloughton) TA015955

Jackson’s Bay TA034912

Jackson’s Cart Road TA029916

Johnson’s Marsh TA023914

Jugger Howe Moor (parking for Nature Trail) NZ945002

Knipe Point TA064854

Long Nab Bird Observatory TA029940

Low Moor NZ913034

Marine Drive shelter (Seawatch point) TA052890

May Moss SE873961

Mill Inn (Harwood Dale) SE953960

Newlands Dale TA015959

New Dike (Seamer Mead) TA035817

North Ings (Low Marishes) SE817765

North Stile pool SE972883

Open Air Theatre (Northstead Manor Gardens) TA034899

Peasholm Glen TA033893

Peasholm Park TA035895
Pete's Pond TA040826
Potter Brompton Carr (viewpoint at Hay Bridge) SE977789

Rodger Trod TA018959

Rudda Road flash SE976991

Scalby Lodge pond TA028915

Scalby Mills TA036907

Scalby Nab TA036910

Scampston Park Lake SE866750

Scar Wood SE949979

Seamer Sewage Works TA008830

Seamer Tip pool TA038827

Selley Bridge Lake SE837792

South Cliff Golf Course TA054863

Straits Lane (River Derwent) SE989809

Star Carr TA029813

Stile Scrub TA029921

Stony Marl Moor NZ964008

Stoupe Beck NZ957035

Stoupe Brow (radio mast) NZ970012

Sycarham Wood TA019956

Taylor Way pools TA034828

The Holmes (Castle Hill) TA049894

Throxenby Mere TA009888

Trough Gully TA029919

Wrench Green bridge SE967892

Wykeham East Lake (hide/screen) SE987829

Wykeham Raptor Viewpoint SE935891

Wykeham Raptor VP car park SE936887

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  1. It would be useful to make the grid refs on this page into hyperlinks to streetmap so that, when clicked, they open the map at the correct position. To do so, go to streetmap, choose your resolution (1:25,000 is probably best for this purpose), click the "Move arrow" tool in the box on the right and click on the map at the desired location. This will move the orange arrow to the location. Now copy the WHOLE URL (rather long!) from the address bar. Go back to the site locator page and highlight the grid ref. Use the insert link tool and copy in the URL into the address box. The grid ref will now appear as a link. When clicked, it will open streetmap at the desired resolution with the location centred and indicated by the orange arrow. I use this trick regularly for the Peterborough U3A bird watching group!


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