Monday 14 January 2019

Monday 14th January

Great Northern Divers remained at both Wykeham South Lake and the harbour today. The 3 Great White Egrets left the former site early morning, though one was seen round midday at Seamer Tip pool. 2 more Little Egrets joined those present yesterday on the banks of the River Hertford just west of Folkton Bridge, bringing the total there today to 7. A female Blackcap was spotted in a garden in Scalby.

Red-throated Diver - Chris Bell


  1. I've seen lots of people putting what they have seen at Wykeham Lakes but we went there today and were told we weren't able to go to the lakes because of fishing?

  2. The viewpoint for the south lake is at the end of Garth End Road, West Ayton. Follow the track south of Darrells Low Farm.
    The access to the fishing lakes seems confusing. No problem in summer when the water sports is open but seems to be restricted in winter.

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  4. Yeah went down there in car and saw a lake there were boats nearby too? Looked more like a lake for water sports? Or is it further on from there?

    Is there anywhere else you would recommend going to see similar types of birds?