Saturday 8 March 2014

Access to the Wykeham South Lake Viewpoint

You can now view from the east side of the Wykeham South Lake from the new viewing area/screen for birders. To reach the viewpoint, turn down Garth End Road in West Ayton and drive right to the end (Darrell's Low Farm). Park near there and walk down the track to the south for 200m. Alternatively drive through the gate (close gate or leave open if already open) and park by the viewing area (room for 2 cars) or on the verge at both bends in the track (room for a further 4 cars). DO NOT BLOCK THE TRACK AS FARM VEHICLES OFTEN USE IT. NB. It has been confirmed with Scarborough Borough Council that the track is in fact a public unmade road.
Please be aware that this area remains sensitive and it is clearly important that we are able to maintain good relations with local land owners and tenants. THEREFORE IN THE EVENT OF FINDING A RARITY THAT IS LIKELY TO ATTRACT NUMBERS OF BIRDERS PLEASE CONTACT NICK ADDEY (07986889277) OR CHRIS BRADSHAW (07515145442). We can then ensure that the relevant land owners/tenants are informed and it will enable suitable local arrangements for visitors/parking to be made/communicated.

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