GDPR Policy

SCARBOROUGH BIRDERS DATA PROTECTION POLICY In setting our Data Protection protocols for the purpose of complying with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, Scarborough Birders has followed these principles: We will retain only the minimum data that is necessary for the smooth running of Scarborough Birders the data will be held securely and will not be passed on to any other organisation. Members will have unrestricted right to see and to correct what data we hold about their individual membership. A complete withholding of consent to the retention of data will be incompatible with membership of Scarborough Birders, as this would make it impossible to manage that membership What data will we hold relating to you? full name(s) – required for your identification. email address – optional, if provided telephone number – for default contact with you Where and how is your data held? Names, but no other details, are held manually in a paper record, but securely. Telephone numbers/names held in two Whatsapp Groups, details visible to members only. How long will your data be retained? We will retain the data relating to each year of your membership for six years from the end of that year, unless you ask for any particular year(s) to be deleted sooner. If you cease to be a member and request to be “forgotten”, your data for all years will be deleted Your right to access, rectify or erase the personal data You may contact the Chairman at any time to ask for access to, and rectification of, your own data. If you submit a sighting record or photograph, it may be attributed to you in an Annual Report, unless you contact the Chairman to ask for it not to be. Who else may see your data? We will not pass your data on to any third party. Only other members in the Whatsapp Groups have access to your name and telephone number.