Monday 29 May 2017

Sunday 28th May 2017

After all the excitement, all be it brief, yesterday it was a very quiet day today with very little getting reported.

The most interesting thing today was a possible dark phase Honey Buzzard that flew west over Crossgates at 13.35 and was in the company of 2 Common Buzzards for some of the observation period.

A couple of Marsh Harriers went through Long Nab today with a male flying south at 07.00 and a cream crown went north at 14.45 also at 15.38 a hybrid ‘hooded’ gull flew north and is presumed to have been a Mediterranean x Common Gull and a Goshawk was seen from the ridge over inland woods..

Here is another shot of yesterdays Red-footed Falcon 

Red-footed Falcon - Long Nab - Micky McNaghten

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