Sunday 9 June 2024

Sunday 9th June

 A pair of Cuckoo at Jugger Howe Moor this morning. Two Turtle Dove were in a field to the south of the Mill Inn, Harwood Dale and a Little Ringed Plover was at East Lake, North Yorkshire Water Park. The annual Kittiwake count at Castle Headland cliffs produced a total of 1,385 apparently occupied nests, approximately 250 less than last year, partly as a result of rock falls having destroyed good breeding ledges during the winter. Eight Fulmar nests there also. 30 plus Mandarin at Hilla Green and two Nightjar and a Woodcock between Reasty car park and Swarth Howe during Forestry England Nightjar survey. A Corn Bunting was in the field above Redcliffe Farm.

Song Thrush at Cloughton by Ray Maddison.

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