Monday 2 May 2022

Monday 2nd May

A busy day started with a cream crowned Marsh Harrier which flew south early morning at Long Nab and it or another was seen flying north over South Cliff 2 1/2 hours later. The Common Crane remained at Staxton opposite Star Carr Farm all day, viewable from the A64 lay by and a Cuckoo eas nearby br the River Hertford. Two Greenshank flew east over Seamer Tip Pool and another over was calling over Stepney. Three Common Sandpipers were at Seamer Road Mere and the Whooper Swan remained present. A Grasshopper Warbler was singing from brambles on the "Plataeau" between Holbeck Car Park and South Cliff Golf Course. Three Northern Wheatears were near Long Nab Observatory and a late Fieldfare was in a Gristhorpe garden. An Egyptian Goose flew south west over Seamer Tip Pool and a Reed Warbler was at Taylor Way Pond. Another late Fieldfare was briefly on the motor cycle track at Seamer Tip. At Dalby Forest, a Common Redstart, Cuckoo and four Jays were at Bridestones and seven Tree Pipits were at Newclose Rigg. A walk between Old Wives Way at Saltergate to Crosscliff accounted for a Brambling, two Tree Pipits, 2 Cuckoo, four Crossbill, six Curlew, 14 Lapwings, 28 Willow Warblers and a Green Woodpecker. Bewteen A169 Fyligdales and Lilla Cross there was one Cuckoo, three Northern Wheatear, seven Stonechat, nine Common Snipe and four Lapwing. A singing Lesser Whiethroat was on Marine Drive near to Hairy Bob's Skate Park and a pair of Mandarin Ducks was on the beck at Burniston. Six Bar-tailed Godwits were in Jackson's Bay and the Pale-bellied Brent Goose remained at Scalby Mills. Amongst other common bird sightings at Wykeham Water Park lake, a Hooded Crow flew from west to east. A Cuckoo was calling north west of the lay by on Helwarth Raod, Harwood Dale Forest and a Common Redstart was seen near to The Sands, North Bay. A Dipper, three Mandarin Duck, four House Martin and singing Garden Warbler were at Hilla Green and a drake Mandarin, 15 Sand Martin and eight Barn Swallow were at Harwood Dale Lake. Five singing male Yellowhammers were holding territory within BBS Tetrad TA0078 at Willerby was the highlight of a quiet survey this morning and an increase in Barn Swallows was reported from the Cloughton area. Five Common Sandpipers at Wykeham Lakes.
Common Crane by John Harwood.

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